Are you ready to adopt a cat?

If you’re thinking about offering a home to a cat or kitten that’s great news. However there are many factors for you to consider before rushing into a decision that you may regret later. The fact is, too often pets acquired by impulse quite often don’t work out so you have
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How Dogs Teach Us About Love

Hey ladies, here’s the good news – the perfect fella DOES exist! The bad news (for you, anyway) is that he’s all mine and we’ve been living together in domestic bliss for the last nine years. Jaffy is half Collie, half Labrador – and a total inspiration. While we humans
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Are You Ready For That New Relationship?

Do you feel ready to start a new relationship? The key thing to remember is that it’s not simply a matter of timing, it’s mainly a matter of feeling. It’s very important you invest time in your mind, body and soul and allow enough time to feel as good about
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