dog training

Can You Stop Your Dog Pulling On The Lead?

Walking your dog is one of the most important activities you can share with your canine. It is vital to his well being by helping to maintain his mental stability and keep him fit and healthy. A dog who cannot release his physical and mental energy can become hyperactive, noisy,
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House Training Your Puppy

The most important thing to remember in training a new puppy is this: puppies and dogs learn best by being praised when they do the right thing, NOT by being punished when they do the wrong thing. Housetraining can be challenging, but can be made easier if you follow these basic
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Preventing and Correcting Food Aggression in Dogs

Don’t allow it to start Make sure your new pup or dog doesn’t develop food aggression by starting a good routine from the first time you feed your pet. Take control of feeding time Your actions must make your dog understand you own the food as dog food aggression can
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